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The OPAL e-Centre is part of a range of services provided by The OPAL Foundation.

OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) provide a range of services designed to help you to achieve the lifestyle of your choosing.  Whether you are searching for a new direction, want to overcome limiting negative issues or seeking to gain a greater understanding of how you can live in harmony with all that life brings, OPAL can offer you support and guidance on your journey of self discovery.  Visit the OPAL Web Site to find out more about OPAL.

Our On-Line services enable us to engage with and support individuals / organisations across the globe.  As well as the OPAL e-Centre, our on-line services also include:

The OPAL e-Store where you will find a range of Self-Help material and Holistic products including Aromatherapy, Books, CD’s / DVD’s, Inspirational & Motivational, Meditation & Mindfulness, Well-Being and much much more!

IICT Approved Training Provider

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    IICT Approved Trainer Status
    by System Administrator - Sunday, 3 April 2016, 3:14 PM

    We are pleased to announce that following an evaluation and accreditation process of our training courses, OPAL has been awarded 'Approved Trainer Status' by the International Institute of Complimetary Therapists (IICT). 

    It is great that the IICT have endorsed the credibility and value of our training provision, enabling us to deliver IICT certificated courses for Holistic Therapists and Practitioners.  You can find out more about these and other CPD courses by looking under the listing 'Courses for Therapists'