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A Blog about Managing our MindTalk and Mindful Living

written by our Founder Ray James

An Introduction to the Blog from Ray

Firstly I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting this Blog.  I hope that you will find it interesting and informative.  Feel free to comment on any posts as I would value feedback.  I also hope that the topics I raise in this blog may generate some interaction and sharing as I am sure this would be of benefit to others.  So do comment, share ideas and views if you wish to do so.

I originally started this Blog on another site but on reflection felt it was better placed here. So the first few postings are articles that have been transferred from the other site (which is now closed).  So, if you were following my original Blog, you may have seen these already.

In this Blog, I want to focus on how our mind reacts to the everyday experiences we have and the ‘Mind-Talk’ that can be created around those experiences.  This in turn has an impact on the actions we take about our own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  So, principally this blog is about using Mindfulness practice to become more aware of our Mind-Talk and how we can calm the mind through Mindful Living.

Sounds easy really doesn’t it – recognise the Mind-Talk and calm the mind.  But to calm the mind, we need to be ‘present’ in the here and now.  We cannot calm the mind if we are lost in thoughts about past events or worries about things that may happen in the future.  Mindfulness helps us to connect fully with the Now and to ‘Be’ in the moment.  To connect with ‘what is’ and live in harmony with life – whatever life brings.

Mindfulness is not a hard master.  It demands nothing from us other than to ‘Breathe’ and be at one with ‘Being’.  It is in theory a simple concept that is easy to learn.  It is the discipline of putting Mindfulness into practice that many find difficult.  I have had the honour to work with many people who recognise the simplicity of Mindfulness practice and the benefits that embracing Mindfulness would bring.  Yet even those who realise that it could resolve so much distress in their lives still struggle to commit to a daily practice of Mindfulness and return to living in a ‘driven’ state.

When we allow our ourselves to become ‘driven’ we get caught up in things and our mind becomes unnecessarily busy and reactive.  Our good intentions slip from our mind and we are at risk of losing our purpose.

What if you were able to catch and recognise thoughts for what they truly are?  Especially those negative, niggling thoughts that go around and around in your mind.  What if you were able to control and calm the constant ‘mind chatter’ in your head?  What would that mean for you?  How would it impact on your life – and the life of others?

Well, mindfulness practice can help you to do all of this and more.  So, my invitation to you is to embrace the practice of ‘Mindful Living’ and learn how you can Live in Harmony with Life – Whatever Life Brings. I hope that the articles I post within this Blog will aid you in doing so.

Mindfully yours


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