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OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) is a self funding ‘not for profit’ service.  It was founded with the aim of promoting a positive outlook towards life in general and an awareness of how each individual action that we take can have positive or negative impacts upon the world that we live in.

It has grown from its humble beginings of operating from a room in its founders home back in 1995 and has progressively expanded to a service that now operates in the UK and Ireland as well as serving the worldwide community through its online e-Centre and other facilities.

OPAL provides information, guidance and professional support in Life Management, Personal Awareness and Self Growth with the aim of enabling all to reach their full potential.

OPAL's Profile

OPAL has its main bases in Ireland and the UK but serves the community worldwide, Opal provides support services, specialist materials and training in personal awareness and self growth. Opal is committed to providing as wide a service as possible to support individuals in developing their full potential. To this end, Opal delivers In-House training, Open Access Courses, Distance Learning packs, individual specialist tuition, coaching, mentoring and therapy to enable all to reach their full potential. Opal's retail outlet offers a number of products such as books, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, self study packs and relaxation aids.

It is clear to us that in order to provide effective service that meet an individuals specific requirements, we have to provide a wide and diverse service. We recognise the importance of being able to offer a range of services enabling us to provide a ‘package of support’ including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Life Management & Positive Impact Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation programmes as well as Vocational and Inter-Personal training to assist individuals and also organisations to develop and grow.

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OPAL’s Positive Impact Philosophy

OPAL's Positive Impact Philosophy invites all to consider how our own individual actions can influence and change the actions of others and encourages a positive approach to all that we do in life.

The teachings within this philosophy provide a set of processes that can be used to develop a positive approach and outlook in all that we do and encounter in life.

Whilst the teachings and processes provide the opportunity to develop a meaningful and rewarding lifestyle and nurture your inner spiritual well being, it is not linked to, nor does it require you to follow, any religious doctrine. The only commitment you will be invited to make is to yourself and your own well being.

OPAL’s Mission

OPAL believe that everyone - regardless of their individual circumstances - should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

OPAL's mission is to provide such opportunities and assist all who are interested in expanding their personal growth, self-awareness and abilities further.

OPAL aims to provide a range of services and make these widely available to support individuals in a way that best suits them in developing their awareness and full potential to lead a fulfilling and positive lifestyle.

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